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About the call

This is essentially a 40/45-minute session where you can ask any questions you need for clarification.

Why is this important? To avoid getting stuck or making too many assumptions, leading you down a costly and erroneous path. 70% of projects exceed their allocated time and budget, indicating that many people do not do their homework upfront.

So, what happens during the call? We will provide you with answers to the questions you need clarification on. Aurore will offer you a comprehensive roadmap and define your next steps. Essentially, you will receive solutions to your problems, a broader perspective on your situation, and concrete guidance on the way forward. If she cannot directly assist you, she will connect you with someone from her network who can. It's a straightforward process.

What happens immediately after the call? With your next steps clearly defined, you will leave motivated and confident, armed with a concrete action plan to move forward.

A successful project is the result of careful planning and the elimination of assumptions. By seeking the right answers, you are laying solid foundations for your project.

Click the button below, which will redirect you to the calendar page. Choose a suitable time and date, fill in your details, and you're all set. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.


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3 prérequis avant d'engager un designer d'intérieur


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